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These resources provide information about the objectives of other mental health organizations, educational videos, and useful tools that may assist those seeking treatment.
Addiction Behavioral Health Resources Treatment Education

5 Facts Teens Should Know About Drugs and Alcohol

Institute for Behavioral Health Improvement

Affordable Care Act

Guide to Mental Health, Psychology & Psychiatry

Psychology Degree Guide

Co-Occurring Addiction Treatment

Find a Behavioral Health Treatment Center

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Find a Therapist Near You

Preventing Self-Harm: What You Should Know If You Want to Offer Help

Teens and Drugs. What Parents Can Do  Guide on Body Image and Mental Health

National Alliance on Mental Illness in New York State

Association for Community Living

Modifications for Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder

Drug Rehab: A Guide for Addiction and Mental Health   Your Complete Guide To Understanding Bullying In The Modern Age

National Mental Health Association

Special Needs Dental List for New York

A Student's Guide to Looking After Your Mental Health at University

Consumer Safety Guide   Autism Resource Center U.S Department of Health and Human Services & Mental Treatment Centers in NYC/NYS   Mental Health Empowerment Project
   Accommodations for Students with Autism  

Mental Health Association in NYS

National Mental Health Self Help Clearinghouse

 An Overview of New York Social Work Certification Requirements 


 Guide to Better Sleep for Kids with Autism

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Willow Springs Recovery 

 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
   Creating an Autism Friendly Home

Dueling Diagnoses: Mental Health and Chronic Conditions in Children and Adults

 Seven Things to Expect When You Go to Rehab  

Families Together in NYS

   Autism Support Network Resources Social Work Career Fundamentals Guide to Becoming a Social Worker

  Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab, Treatment & Recovery Resources in New York State   The Complete Series on Social Degree Levels
| Accreditation | Bachelor's 
| Master's | PH.D. 
   Planning a Move with Autism    New York Drug Rehab Centers and Addiction Treatment Options  
   30 Ways to Celebrate Autism Awareness Month    Addiction Center, Albany NY  
   Autism and Travel
 Three Hobbies to Try in Addiction Recovery  
   Guide to Living With Sensory Overload    Choosing the Right Rehab  
   The Ultimate Guide to Keeping your Child with Autism Safe    TOP-RATED, LOW-COST REHABS  
  ADHD and Depression: What you Need to Know   


  Elderly Suicide: The Risks, Detection, and How to Help      
  Sleep and PTSD      
  Sleep After Trauma       
  Sleep and Anxiety      
  Sleep and Mental Health: Why Our Brains Need Sleep      
   Recognizing and Addressing Depression Presenting as Anger