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Mental illness is insidious. It is debilitating and can steal dignity. It also affects family, friends, community - all those around the person who is suffering. Under the best of circumstances, seeking help is hard and complicated by the continuing challenge of stigma.

Our mission at the Mental Health Foundation is to embrace hope and fight stigma by supporting best practices that encourage people to seek the help they need and ensure that it is available. There are no quick fixes for the challenges of fighting stigma surrounding the treatment of mental illness. There are no simple solutions for improving mental health policy, just as there is no easy answer for individuals and families struggling day by day with illness. Yet, we all know the status quo is not acceptable.

This is a time when people who care about these issues must join together for serious discussion and hard work to help craft improvements and ensure that they not be ignored. That requires stimulating thought with fresh perspective and understanding to find more common ground, build broader partnerships and coalitions, and strengthen the resolve for change.

A key is sharing good information and bringing people together. That has been the focus of our continuing efforts in 2016:

All  this requires time, effort and resources and we cannot make progress without your help. Please support our work by making a contribution today!  You can make a gift online or send it to the Mental Health Foundation’s new office located at 230 Washington Avenue Extension, Suite 101, Albany NY 12203.

Please join with us.

Thank you for your consideration and please have a joyous Holiday season.


Stephen Madarasz
Board President


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