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 The Mental Health Foundation needs your help year-round as we continue our efforts for good mental health by improving understanding and access to quality care. 

 The Mental Health Foundation continues in its commitment to bringing people together for meaningful change and helping individuals and families get the help they need. The challenges remain great

 in every locality and require renewed effort.

 The consequences of failure can be drastic and heartbreaking. In the extreme, suicide is a growing public health problem in general and in specific demographic groups. While public attention tends to focus on it more at this time of year, it demands attention at all times.

Whether it’s suicide risk or individuals suffering in silence in many other ways, we know what can be done to provide hope - there is ample evidence that better priorities, stakeholder and peer support, community by community, makes significant positive impact. Yet, in too many places the integration and relationship-building is inadequate and unacceptable.

Join with the Mental Health Foundation and renew your commitment to initiatives that demonstrate better outcomes. 

Please support our work by making a contribution today! You can make a gift online or send it to the Mental Health Foundation’s new office located at 230 Washington Avenue Extension, Suite 101, Albany NY 12203.


Thank you for all that you do.


 Stephen Madarasz
Board President