Grants Program

The MHF will not be accepting grant applications for the current year. If you would like to be contacted when we resume this process, please fill out this contact form. Thank you for your understanding.

The Mental Health Foundation seeks to support innovative programs that address the reduction of stigma, the promotion of public awareness, and education of mental health issues for the target population of young adults.  These programs must entail a peer component of young adults who have personally lived with mental illness and can share their condition and stigmatization in a candid and positive manner to their peers.  The goal is to improve acceptance of and access to mental health services and supports. The Foundation encourages the submission of proposals that include one or more of the following program elements:

  • Integrated access to existing mental health services geared toward this population

  • Program model that is replicate in other venues

  • Inclusion of young persons’ support networks, including family and friends

  • Demonstrated outreach capabilities

  • Supportive, nonjudgmental environment

  • Integration of existing social support structures such as school and religious organizations

  • Assessment/Evaluation of existing educational and anti-stigma program models targeting youth

Proposals should demonstrate the tangible impact of proposed activities for increasing young adults understanding of mental health issues that may affect them/or their peers and improving the quality of or access to mental health services. 

*Any submissions via US Mail, UPS, FedEx or similar services will not be accepted.