About Us

The Mental Health Foundation embraces hope and fights stigma by promoting best practices that encourage people to seek mental health care and ensure that it is available and accessible.

For over 17 years, the Mental Health Foundation has made strides in ending the stigma and encouraging young people especially to seek the help they need, but there is still much more work to be done. Our work makes a difference, one life at a time.

It is vitally important that as the largest generation in the United States, millennials have access to quality mental health care, the skills to cope with stress and anxiety as well resources for an overall healthy body and mind to ensure their ability to handle our increasingly demanding world. The MHF is on the forefront of this initiative and seeks your participation as we strive to end the stigma associated with mental illness and provide our largest and most vulnerable communities the resources it needs.

We cannot succeed without the support of our many friends and allies and are asking for your help to continue moving forward. As a leader with a vested interest in diminishing the stigma associated with mental illness and providing greater access to mental health resources, we invite you to join in supporting the new energy of the Mental Health Foundation.


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