Welcome to the Mental Health Foundation (MHF). The MHF encourages, develops and supports educational campaigns and other initiatives to improve understanding of mental illness and ensure access to quality care. The Foundation is particularly concerned with reducing the stigma of mental illness and encouraging individuals to seek early diagnosis.

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IBHI Criminal Justice-Behavioral Health Event is a Success in Texas

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Also see: Their progress was recently profiled in The Boston Globe and will be they will be the host city and centerpiece of an upcoming program presented by the Institute for Behavioral  Healthcare Improvements with support from the Mental Health Foundation and Center for Health Care Services. Learn more below and on the IBHI website.

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Inspiring assessment of Mental Health progress, challenges highlights Embracing Hope, Fighting Stigma event

Dr. Herbert Pardes, a seminal figure in mental health for decades presented a momentous address about the status of mental health care today and what lies ahead ate a recent  NYC event hosted by the Mental Health Foundation and the Institute for Behavioral Healthcare Improvements.  

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Our sincere thanks to Dr. Herbert Pardes, Executive Vice Chair of New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, for his remarks.

There will be materials made available to attendees and other interested parties before Thanksgiving. 


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